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Our mission – St. Louis Rehabilitaiton

To us, empowering better living means dedicating ourselves to providing the most comfortable and welcoming care environments. Our patients always come first so when they have something to celebrate, we are right there cheering them along!

Their success

We are excited to share these stories of success from previous St. Louis rehabilitation patients! Every one of these residents were admitted to a St. Louis, Missouri area facility and engaged in various therapies such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy. These specialized programs were initiated to identify each resident’s unique needs and treatment plans to successfully transition to the next level of care.

The therapy team provided skilled interventions to address the adaptation and restoration potential and coordinated with the facility interdisciplinary team.

Bentwood Nursing & Rehab Center

Florissant, Missouri

Beatrice Ingram was admitted to Bentwood on February 10, 2022, under the care of Dr. Andrea Itzkowitz and was successfully discharged to home 41 days later!

Visit Bentwood’s website for more information

Florissant Valley Health & Rehab

Florissant, Missouri

Henrietta Gaylor was admitted to Florissant Valley on April 19, 2022, under the care of Dr. Jei Martin and was successfully discharged to home 11 days later!

Visit Florissant Valley’s website for more information.

Oak Park Care Center

St. Louis, Missouri

Clarence Cannon was admitted to Oak Park under the care of Dr. Christopher Labonte and was successfully discharged to long-term care on April 21, 2022!

Visit Oak Park’s website for more information.

Sunset Health Care Center

Union, Missouri

Martha Lewis was admitted to Sunset on April 18, 2022 under the care of Dr. Hany Salama and was discharged to home 14 days later!

Visit Sunset’s website for more information.

Normandy Nursing Center

Normandy, Missouri

Clements Maise was admitted to Normandy Nursing Center under the care of Dr. Lawrence Wells and was successfully discharged to long-term care on April 1, 2022!

Visit Normandy’s website for more information.

Anyone who has gone through rehabilitation or has been through that journey with someone they love knows that the road to recovery isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and an incredible team of supporters to get back to regular function. That’s why we love to hear success stories like these! Thank you to every team member who gave their time and energy to improving the lives of these individuals.