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Welcome to Lake Drive Care & Rehab

Lake Drive Care and Rehabilitation Center has long had an impressive reputation as a caring home for residents with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. The Medicaid-certified center has been a vital part of the Henryetta, Oklahoma, community since the 1960’s and is focused on providing a safe, structured, and stimulating environment for residents to become as independent as possible.

Located just an hour away from Tulsa, Lake Drive is convenient for family visits, which are encouraged as part of the Individualized Rehabilitation Plan every resident has. Beyond the traditional therapies that Lake Drive provides, residents also are active in the community through a variety of activities and events.

With an engaged and experienced staff guiding them, residents of Lake Drive find great joy in staying active and cultivating an independent life. 

Complete Care

Lake Drive provides a wide range of care and therapy services, including:


Individualized Rehabilitation Plan, with oversight and implementation by a Qualified Developmental Disability Professional (QDDP)


Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy referrals


On-site Vocational Program


Individual Mental Health Counceling


Group Counceling


Daily On-and Off-site Activities Program

Resident Amenities

Learning the skills of everyday life is just the start. Lake Drive residents count on our team to provide them with the personal touch they need. All programs and activities are designed with the exact needs of our residents in mind.

Easy access to Tulsa and Oklahoma City helps not only encourage visits, but also allows residents ample opportunities to explore life outside Lake Drive.

Participating in the Special Olympics, taking trips to the Tulsa State Fair, enjoying bowling nights, and watching football games are just a few of the many activities that Lake Drive residents regularly enjoy.