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Lansdowne Village Now Offers Peritoneal Dialysis Services

Lansdowne Village is proud to announce their new on-site peritoneal dialysis capabilities. Lansdowne already has many support services for hemodialysis patients and is excited to provide this additional dialysis support from the comfort of the facility!

What is the difference between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis?

Our Hemodialysis Solution

Hemodialysis requires an external dialyzer connected to a graph site to filter and chemically balance the blood. This is typically prescribed 3-5 times weekly. Our facility provides residents with timely transport to and from these doctor supervised treatments, and a care team to monitor progress and help track patient schedules. This makes receiving treatment more convenient and less intimidating. We can empower residents to live fuller lives with the treatment options that fit their lifestyles.

Our NEW Peritoneal Dialysis Solution

Peritoneal dialysis is the gentler option for most patients since this option acts more closely to the natural function of a kidney. It is required to be done daily for optimum results. Our new capability results in increased convenience for residents by providing an on-site treatment option for their comfort. Our care team will develop specialized treatment plans to create the right dialysis schedule for residents in need.

Benefits of On-Site Care

Providing on-site peritoneal dialysis services means our residents can receive more frequent dialysis treatments as ordered by their physicians. This lowers the risk of health complications, can lead to fewer food restrictions and medications, and just helps patients feel better! On site care means more control, freedom, and flexibility over their care and over their schedules…and ultimately more time to do the activities they love.

With these capabilities, Lansdowne Village is a great option for patients who require these life-saving treatments from the comfort of a home setting. To learn more about this and other features of our facility, please contact:

Rita Vance


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