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New outpatient rehab in Mount Pleasant

Arbor Court, a skilled nursing facility in Mount Pleasant, is proud to announce their newest outpatient rehab program! Due to high demand, Arbor Court now offers outpatient rehabilitation services for non-resident patients in the Mount Pleasant community. With the help of Reliant Rehabilitation, this new program is open for anyone seeking affordable, high-quality rehab.

When asked what sparked the idea to open Arbor Court for outpatient rehab, Mitchell Boeck, Director of Rehab at Reliant Rehabilitation, stated that current skilled nursing residents enjoy their therapy programs and notice significant benefits. Once residents are ready to return home, they often wish they could continue with Arbor Court’s therapists. Now when a residential rehab patient is discharged, they can continue their therapy with the same familiar faces.

Why choose Arbor Court?

With access to the same facilities and equipment as residential rehab patients, outpatients at Arbor Court still reap the full benefits of speech, physical, and occupational therapies. All patients are welcome, including, but not limited to:

  • Former residents who return home but require further therapy after discharge
  • Community members who do not meet the requirements for skilled nursing care but still need therapy to continue with their everyday lives.

As a skilled nursing facility, Arbor Court specializes in quality care for all who need it. Alongside the team at Reliant Rehabilitation, these healthcare professionals know how to care for their patients and get them back to their highest possible quality of living.

The Arbor Court outpatient rehab experience

Arbor Court partners with Reliant Rehabilitation and their excellent team of therapists to provide the highest quality of care. The outpatient therapy program allows residents who have returned home to continue therapy with known and trusted therapists.

When you arrive for your outpatient rehab appointment, you will park in one of the reserved outpatient parking spots. Friendly, familiar faces wait inside the outpatient rehab entrance to greet you. You will head to the fully equipped therapy gym, which is shared by both outpatients and residents.

Before beginning your therapy session, you will update your therapist on current function and bring up any questions or issues that have come up since your last visit. Your therapist will take appropriate interventions based on your personalized plan of care and treatment. Former residents are always welcome to stay and visit with friends from your stay with skilled nursing.

To learn more about outpatient rehabilitation at Arbor Court, give them a call at 319-385-1400 or schedule a tour online.