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Why recognize National Skilled Nursing Care Week?

The dedication, passion, expertise, and care of our Skilled Nursing team is the lifeblood of our facilities. National Skilled Nursing Care Week is a week-long, annual occasion established by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) in 1967. It is an opportunity to give thanks to the incredible caregivers and skilled nursing facilities that support the millions of individuals that make up our elderly population. This year’s theme is “Cultivating Kindness.” Kindness is at the heart of the field of Skilled Nursing. It takes an extraordinary amount of kindness and compassion to do the hard work that our experts exhibit every day.

What is the purpose of Skilled Nursing Care Communities?

Skilled Nursing communities are essential to the improved and sustained health of those senior community members who need medical support. Many residents of skilled nursing communities require ongoing healthcare which they could not administer for themselves. This can range from hygiene support and medicine administration to motor and speech therapies and more. Skilled Nursing professionals help improve health outcomes and quality of life for some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. At MGM, our Skilled Nursing centers are a key component to our commitment to empowering better living for the seniors in our communities.

How can you show appreciation?

You can recognize this occasion by simply acknowledging the members of the dedicated care teams that support your loved one. A kind word or word of thanks can go a long way. Additionally, you can leave a review detailing your positive experience with our team members on your local facility’s Google Review page.

If you or your loved one would like to learn more about the features of a Skilled Nursing facility near you, or to schedule a tour, find your local facility by clicking here.