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CNA/Direct Care Staff – PRN

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Assists in the administration of medications and treatments to residents in accordance with state law as assigned. May be assigned as supervisor of the shift per facility needs. May direct supervision and training to the individuals who reside in the facility.  The supervision may occur in a day services setting or workshop setting also.  This supervision and training will vary in degree of intensity based on the needs of each individual.  Responsible for providing residents with routine daily and restorative nursing care and services in accordance with the resident’s assessment, care plan and as directed by supervisors. Ensures resident’s needs are met while maintaining the highest degree of dignity.

Essential Functions

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Essential Duties

A.  Behavior Intervention

  • Must be able to implement the behavior Intervention Plan as written.
  • Must be able to implement behavior intervention techniques as written in the crisis intervention procedures. .
  • Certified and maintains certification in MANDT ®.  Responsible for adhering to MANDT philosophy and assists in de-escalation when needed.
  • Identifies, reports and responds to extreme behavior, such as verbal aggression, biting, hitting, kicking, throwing items (food, objects, bodily fluids), self-inflicted injuries, property damage, etc., in accordance with applicable local, state and federal regulations and Lake Drive policies and procedures.

B.  Customer Service

  • Treats customers (individuals served, families, co-workers, state officials, and consultants) with respect, courtesy and tact.
  • Will report all incidents of suspected abuse and/or neglect to the Supervisor immediately.
  • Reports all complaints and grievances made by the resident to their supervisor.

 C.  Dietary

  • Will see that menu choices and dietary needs of individuals are met.
  • Must be capable of reading dietary orders and adheres to specialized diets
  • Prepares resident for meals (i.e., take to bathroom, wash hands, comb hair, position tables, assist to/from dining room, etc.).
  • Assists with feeding as indicated (i.e., cutting foods, feeding, assist in dining room supervision, etc.).
  • Serves between meal nourishments and bedtime snacks per facility schedule.
  • Performs after meal care (i.e., clean resident’s hands, face, clothing, take to bathroom, brush teeth, clean dentures, etc.).

 E.  Financial

  • Must be capable of completing financial transactions for the purpose of money management within the established guidelines for the individuals.

 F.  Health

  • Follows the policies and procedures of the facility governing the administering of medication.
  • Notes and reports errors in the administration of medications.
  • Performs administrative requirements, such as completing necessary forms, charts, reports, etc.
  • Accurately and safely prepares, administers, and documents the oral and/or topical medications.
  • Follows the medication labeling policies and practices of the facility.
  • Follows facility procedures in regard to charting of medications.
  • Assists in documenting and removing medications that are discontinued by the attending physician.
  • Ensures that medication is returned and reordered except emergency drugs.
  • Accurately measures, records, and reports the vital signs of residents.
  • Observes and verifies that medication is ingested or applied as directed.
  • Ensures that no medication is administered without a written, signed, dated order.
  • Follows the facility procedure for recording the order in the resident’s clinical record.
  • Follows established guidelines concerning the storage of drugs and biologicals.
  • Report a resident’s refusal of treatments or medications to the Nursing Supervisor or Licensed Nurse.
  • Informs the Licensed Nurse of any changes in the resident’s condition..
  • Must obtain and maintain certification for First Aid and CPR.
  • Observes and reports the presence of skin breakdown.
  • Ensures privacy during medication administration.

 G.  Programming

  • Must implement and individuals specific training programs as outlined in the IHP
  • Must attend or provide input to the individuals’ team meeting.
  • Must document the health and programmatic statuses of each individual on an ongoing basis.
  • Assists residents with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) based on their individualized plan of care and in accordance with state and federal regulations and Lake Drive policies and procedures.
  • Completes required documentation during/at the end of their shift.

 H.  Personnel

  • Works scheduled shift as established by the Supervisor.
  • Must be able to clock in/out using the time clock.
  • Abides by and follows employee handbook.
  • Demonstrates good grooming skills and abides by facility dress code.
  • Attends mandatory in-services and facility/department meetings as required.
  • Adheres to location and department/company policy and procedures.

 I.  Physical effort

  • Must be able to stand, bend, stoop, run and walk for periods of time.
  • Must be able to utilize proper body mechanics while safely assisting with independent/dependent transfers and positioning.

 J.  Recreation/Leisure

  • May participate and instruct individuals and staff in recreation and leisure activities using necessary recreation and leisure equipment.
  • Will encourage community integration and inclusion at all times.

 K.  Residential (direct care duties as assigned)

  • Ensures that the resident’s room is clean and orderly (i.e., bed made, draws/closet organized).
  • Completes inventory, including marking and storing the resident’s personal possessions and clothing as instructed.
  • Assists residents with packing their personal possessions when they are being transferred to a new room or when being discharged.
  • Makes beds (occupied and unoccupied) and change bed linen.
  • Must be able to assist or complete the individuals laundry using washer and dryer according to the individuals capabilities.

 L.  Safety and Maintenance

  • Ensures that all OSHA and safety standards are followed, as applicable to the position and in the business location or workplace in accordance with state and federal regulation and Lake Drive Policies and Procedures.
  • Maintains safe and clean work area and adheres to location/company safety standards for the healthcare professional.
  • Must be capable of assisting individuals during fire and disaster drills as scheduled.
  • Must complete maintenance work orders.

 M.  Teamwork

  • Communicates accurate information to others in a professional and courteous manner.
  • Works cooperatively with any co-worker, shows respect to both individuals served and other co-workers, and conveys a willingness to assist.
  • Accepts responsibility for own mistakes and takes action to prevent similar occurrences.
  • Works to resolve conflicts and to identify solutions in which all parties benefit.

N.  Transportation

  • Assists in transporting residents to/from appointments, activity and social programs, etc. as necessary.
  • Must be capable of assisting individuals safely in and out of the vehicles.
  • Must be able to correctly and safely operate the vehicles adaptive equipment.

O.  Visual and Cognitive Effort

  • Must be able to read and write.
  • Must maintain patience and composure.
  • Must be able to give verbal instructions to the individuals and staff as well as write, type, interpret and document Program Plans.

Required Education and Experience:

  • State certification as a Medication Assistant
  • Ability to read, write, and speak the English Language.
  • Must maintain current certification as a CNA or DDCA
  • Obtain and maintain MANDT certification
  • Obtain and maintain CPR/First Aid certification
  • Experience with Intellectually Disabled preferred

Preferred Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma or GED

For Inquires please contact:
Lake Drive Care and Rehabilitation Center
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Henryetta, OK 74437

AAP/EEO Statement
Our facility provides equal employment opportunities. We are committed to complying with all state, federal, and local laws that prohibit discrimination in employment, including recruitment, hiring, placement, promotion, transfers, compensation, benefits, training, programs, reductions in workforce, termination, and recall. Our facility strives to provide equal opportunity for employment to all individuals who are properly qualified and able to perform the duties of their employment, without regard to employees’ legally-protected characteristics (“protected class”) including: age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex stereotyping, or genetic information.