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You have heard of Dancing with the Stars…. get ready for Dancing with the Seniors! In collaboration with our amazing rehabilitation support partner, Reliant Rehabilitation, we are conducting Dancing with the Seniors sessions at several of our facilities across the state. This innovative program blends the health benefits, mobility, and strength training of traditional therapy with the fun, entertaining and freeing aspects of dance. Not only will seniors reap cardiovascular and muscle strengthening benefits, but they will also have fun while doing so…and our therapists enjoy it too!  

After a 2–4–week session program, each location can host a finale performance and show off their new moves. Friends, family, and members of the extended care team usually attend, making the experience even more special and fulfilling for residents. After completing this program, residents reported feeling less anxious, more confident, and even had improved sleep! Therapy has never been so fun. Other benefits of dancing for seniors include: 

  • Increased Stability 
  • Better Mood and Stress Relief 
  • Brain Stimulation 
  • More Confidence 
  • Social Engagement 

To keep up to date with our dancin’ seniors, and find out about a performance near you, follow us on Facebook or check back into our blog. We will be updating with fun photos and video from the finales of our facilities.