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“The two most important days in your life are the day you’re born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

Kristin Pauley was born to care for others; she’s known this since the beginning of her career. This past Summer, in the midst of a covid-19 outbreak, the Oakland Community came to know this as well.

Answering the Call

Kristin Pauley Hugs BJ Pauley_Oakland ManorJuly 20, 2020 is a day Kristin Pauley will never forget. While working as The Director of Rehabilitation at Oakland Manor Care Center, Kristin found herself facing a covid-19 outbreak. She called her husband and told him to pack a bag of her clothing and essentials, then bring it along with their family camper up to Oakland Manor.

The weeks leading up to July 20 were a blur for Kristin. In addition to still seeing her Physical Therapy patients, she was working around-the-clock to support her team in every way possible. From assisting the Oakland Nursing Staff and handling administrative duties, to doing endless loads of laundry, housekeeping, and dietary work, Kristin never failed to answer the call.

 “Twenty-seven days. That’s how long I lived in my camper, parked right outside Oakland Manor.” – Kristin Pauley

In This Together

Being apart from her home, husband, and two young children for nearly a month was draining. In fact, the most difficult part of Kristin’s journey was the heartbreaking feeling of being away from her family. Kristin saw her family as often as possible via video chat, keeping them with her every step of the way.

Though separated from her family, Kristin grew closer than ever to her team at Oakland Manor. They were in this together, they were a family.

While living in her camper, Kristin’s co-workers planned many surprises to keep her spirits lifted, including plenty of visits from furry friends. However, the best and biggest surprise of all was executed by Kristin’s husband, BJ, and the Oakland Manor BOM, KeNeisha: a surprise outdoor picnic.

Dressed head-to-toe in PPE, BJ waited by a picnic table with flowers, ready to hug his heroic bride.

“It was extremely exhausting… one of the hardest, but most rewarding, things I’ve ever done.” – Kristin Pauley

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