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Leaving your home for assisted living can sometimes be a heavy process. You say “goodbye” to your family home and “hello” to the next stage of life. Luckily, there are people at your new home who can’t wait to welcome you and make this transition as smooth as possible. There are even several benefits of assisted living beyond daily activity assistance.

What is assisted living?

The United States has approximately 28,900 assisted living communities, with 22.6% of those in the Midwest. Assisted living allows you to maintain your lifestyle with some extra help with daily tasks such as getting dressed, showering, and navigating meals. Many locations also offer memory care.

Assisted Living vs. skilled care

The difference between assisted living and a nursing home or skilled nursing facility is the level of care provided. Skilled nursing focuses more on medical care while assisted living puts an emphasis on maintaining the independence you’ve always had.

Medicare coverage also differs between the two services. Medicare can cover skilled nursing after a qualifying hospital stay and may take on the costs of some aspects of assisted living, but may not include room and board for these communities, depending on your policy.

10 reasons assisted living is right for you

You’re still in control.

You are still in charge of your life with the same independence you had before. You don’t have to do this alone if you don’t want to; you get to decide when and how you need help.

Life as usual with extra assistance

This can include going for walks, bathing, eating, getting dressed, or using the restroom.

Medication management

Trained professionals will manage your medications for you so you can spend more time living and less time worrying.

Live-in pets welcome

No need to rehome your furry companion. Cats and dogs are welcome in your new home!

Transportation available upon request

You don’t have to give up going out. If you can’t drive yourself, most assisted living communities offer transportation to shopping centers, restaurants, appointments, and so many other options.

Social programs/activity

Along with transportation, social programs and activities are available. These planned activities vary day to day. Some days may include arts and crafts, holiday parties, planned outings to local attractions, and baking or cooking sessions. Take these opportunities to make friends, try something new, or enjoy the things you already love!

Fight loneliness with new friends

You’ll meet new friends and neighbors in the same stage of life as you are. With apartment-style living and shared common areas, you’ll never be alone – unless you want to.

No more tedious housework

Say “goodbye” to all the chores take took hours to complete. Use that valuable time for yourself now!

24/7 professional care as needed

Even in the privacy of your own apartment, you never have to be alone to fend for yourself. Trained professionals are there to help around the clock whenever you need it.

Restaurant-style dining

Many communities have kitchens and dietary specialists dedicated to bringing you 3 delicious, healthy meals every day in a restaurant-style dining setting. At Forest Hills Assisted Living, Dietary Specialist Fatima Jasasra has become a staple within the community known for her excellent meals and adventurous spirit in the kitchen. Every apartment is also equipped with a kitchenette for when you’re hoping for a little privacy during mealtime.

Ready to begin your search?

The move into assisted living doesn’t have to a difficult one, and it doesn’t mean losing your independence. In fact, those who make the move find their quality of life is greatly improved. It may not always be an easy choice, but it is certainly an important one that takes a lot of thought and research. Try using a database like A Place For Mom or check the MGM locator to find a fully-certified location near you.