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Love Leads the Way at Bettendorf

The Season of Covid-19 swooped into our lives in March of 2020, and unfortunately, has decided to stick around for a while. With the impact of Covid-19 being so great on the geriatric population, we’ve been guided by the CDC to implement precautions to protect our residents from possible exposure. In order to do this, on March 14, 2020 residents and families were notified of new guidelines that would impact how and when visitations would occur going forward.

Bettendorf Health Care Center, like all of the facilities with MGM, implemented a no visitor policy, meaning our doors would be locked, and visitors would not be allowed in until further notice.

Nearly five months have passed since the implementation of these new safety standards, and our staff and resident family members have gotten very creative, coming up with unique ways to stay connected in the midst of Covid. From video conference calls and window visits to pen pal programs and fun facility-wide games, they’ve done all they can to keep everyone as close as possible.

The dear husband of one of our residents, Nicole, stepped up his creativity and came up with a wonderful solution to stay connected to his wife.


Meet Nicole & Kari

Their love story began in the early 1970’s when they met in college nearly 50 years ago. Nicole was from Bulgaria, studying to become a Chemical Engineer, and Kari was from Syria, working towards his Mechanical Engineering degree. They bonded immediately and have been inseparable ever since. In 1973, the two were married.

After marrying, Kari and Nicole’s family grew. Together, they raised two incredible sons who are both now physicians. In 1999, they sent their sons to America for college, then in 2003, Kari and Nicole brought their love to America too. Their family was once again whole as they were reunited with their adult children. In 2008, they became US citizens.

Their love has made it all around the world!


Thinking Outside the Box

Covid has been extremely difficult for this sweet and loving couple to cope with. Being apart from your other half can be lonely and isolating, however, Kari has refused to let anything keep him from his beautiful bride.

Kari saw that Bettendorf was hiring for part-time aides in their Housekeeping Department. He immediately met with the Bettendorf team and proposed the idea of him joining the team on a part-time basis, so that he could be near Nicole and visit her after his shifts. Nobody could deny this brilliant, lovely idea. Kari’s love for Nicole is so beautiful and true.


The Sweetest Surprise

The day Kari was hired, Nicole was given the surprise of a lifetime! The Bettendorf staff went into her room and told her they’d just hired a new employee and wanted to introduce her. Much to her surprise, the “new employee” was her Kari. Her eyes filled with happy tears and face was all aglow as he walked in, wearing his new Bettendorf Health Care uniform.

Since starting his new job at Bettendorf, Kari’s days have been so much brighter, and Nicole looks so forward to visits with her sweetheart after his shifts.

When love is involved, there’s always a way. For Kari and Nicole, their love story is the kind that never ends.