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477 N. Lindbergh, Suite 310

St. Louis, Missouri 63141

I came to Spring Valley in the middle of November. Two weeks earlier I was in a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident. I ended up with cracked ribs, vertebrae and sternum. On the more serious end, my right Ulna was broken, and my pelvis was broken in five places. Upon arriving at Spring Valley, I was non-weight bearing on three out of four limbs. I couldn’t even relieve myself without assistance. Jump forward three and a half months, I’m fully independent and walking. My determination, coupled with the support of the staff, and the phenomenal therapy team has gotten me to where I am now. Everyone here has been friendly and encouraging. And not just the nurses and aids. Members of the staff, kitchen / laundry / housekeeping / maintenance / administration, as well as resident patients have all cheered me on through my recovery. The therapy team made sure that when I was given weight bearing status back I would be ready. And I was. That day I began standing. I began limited walking within the week. And now I’m walking everyday, as much as I can. Everyone keeps telling me what a great job I’ve done. But I believe that the combination of determination, encouragement, and knowledge is what got me here. To the teams of Spring Valley, thank you for everything. I could not have done this on my own. I will never forget your involvement in getting my life back. You’re my heroes.