Home Office

477 N. Lindbergh, Suite 310

St. Louis, Missouri 63141


Jolene Barnett

I truly see how compassionate, even at a corporate level, everyone is. MGM took over the building that I was already employed at and they have made leaps and bounds to make sure the residents are getting the best care possible! They are empowering to the staff in...

Angie Gilliam

I have been an employee for 13 months now and from the day I walked in the door, I have felt like family to the residents and staff! I had never worked in this environment before, but have found the place where I feel my duties really make a difference in others lives!

Micah Andrews

I came to Spring Valley in the middle of November. Two weeks earlier I was in a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident. I ended up with cracked ribs, vertebrae and sternum. On the more serious end, my right Ulna was broken, and my pelvis was broken in five places. Upon...